Specialist Leaders of Education 

What is an SLE?                                  

Specialist leaders of education (SLEs) are outstanding middle and senior leaders who have the skills to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools through peer to-peer learning. The role recognises that senior and middle leaders play an important role in improving schools and outcomes for children.

“They understand what outstanding leadership practices in their area of expertise looks like and are skilled in helping other leaders to achieve it in their own context.”

Benefits for SLEs and their schools include:

  • Opportunities to work collaboratively, be creative and try out new ideas.
  • Development of skills and knowledge that can benefit their own school
  • Experience of different school environments.
  • Learn from approaches and ideas used in other schools.
  • Development of coaching and facilitation skills.
 “Broad ranging leadership experience gained in a wide range of school environments presents a unique opportunity to extend your professional expertise and lay an excellent foundation to future career progression.”

Paragon Teaching School Alliance would like to recruit SLE’S who have expertise in the following areas:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Curriculum Development
  • Quality of Teaching
  • Behaviour and Safety

Current SLEs available are profiled below 

If you would like to have an SLE to work in your school, the daily rate is £350, half a day £175.

Geography – Nicola Vance

Nicola is a patient, approachable and supportive member of staff, with a passion for Geography. She has acquired valuable knowledge over a number of years as a co-ordinator in Geography. This has helped her to become experienced in supporting other co-ordinators by facilitating 
her expertise in a flexible manner, building confidence and knowledge. 
As an outstanding practitioner, she can relate to the demands of a busy class teacher and can work in partnership with you to successfully balance further roles, without jeopardising high expectations. Nicola would like to ensure that those who are new and existing co-ordinators are aware of the current curriculum content, know where to find and pass on easily accessible resources, as well as understanding the provision available to succeed in Geography. 
As a creative person with a variety of ways to resource, plan and manage the subject, Nicola is happy to listen to those who may require ideas or have questions about their role, to enhance the profile of Geography across their school.

Phonics and Science - Clare Mear

Clare has been a subject leader of Science for a number of years and she has made a positive impact within her own school. She an experienced teacher who has taught across the whole Primary Phase. This has enabled her to have a very clear overview of how to improve science.

Clare is an enthusiastic and reflective practitioner, who is keen to support and share ideas with other colleagues. She is passionate about children becoming successful, independent and confident learners through their time in education.

As a class teacher herself, she wishes to support and develop teachers by sharing her current knowledge and experience in phonics wherever she can.  She loves children to have the opportunity to reach their full potential in a fun, stimulating and exciting environment. She feels it is a privilege to work with other practitioners, to see them become excited and believe in themselves, as well being able to develop own practise through watching and learning form others. She hopes to guide teachers, in a trusting, supportive and enthusiastic manner, to develop their skills, grow in confidence and reach their full potential.

Areas of Strength



Science - Ross Colley

Ross constantly demonstrates professionalism, high standards and a determination which are as equally outstanding as the results he produces through his teaching. His classroom and leadership role practice are outstanding as demonstrated Through pupil progress and impact on developing and supporting others. He has worked with a variety of people; students, NQT’s, RQT’s, ITT students, experienced staff, staff from other schools etc., and is regularly observed enabling others to take styles, techniques, determination and strategies to consider in their own practice. He has considerable experience identifying the needs and support required to support pupils or colleagues. 
In Science, Ross participates in local Science sessions, working collaboratively with others and enabling schools to support and learn from each other. He has supported teachers and staff who have visited his own school, demonstrating best practice, effective strategies, interventions and resources. Within his own school, Ross works with staff to inform them off all Science related changes to education. He attends relevant meetings and courses, feeding back to colleagues and ensuring that his school remains in a strong, positive and well informed position. He has also initiated and implemented a whole school Science week; reviewed and updated the school’s Science policy; led staff training on developing an enquiry based approach to Science teaching and raised the profile of Science. 
Ross is always willing to help others. He supports others confidently but with a supporting and caring approach which enables him to deliver messages effectively and clearly. He deals with challenging situations/people in a highly professional way and gains the trust and respect of those he works with. He is a passionate practitioner who believes excellent leadership can make a real difference across schools, so allowing children to reach their full potential, close the gap in education and ensure all specialist areas strive to be outstanding. 

Supporting the most able - Lyndsey Williamson

Lyndsey Williamson:  Specialist Leader of Education for More Able Gifted and Talented.
As a teacher and MAGT co-ordinator, Lyndsey is passionate about improving the quality of education provided for all children.  She leads by example and supports and encourages other practitioners whenever needed. She is keen to contribute to the teaching practises and leadership of schools to develop and improve the experience for all children.  
Lyndsey reflects upon and evaluates her own practise, as well as understanding her own learning needs and helping to establish the needs of others within the school.  She is approachable, an effective communicator and shares good practise with her colleagues to help to develop and build the capacity of the teachers she works with.  She enjoys working collaboratively with other educators to identify areas for improvement and to help to expand pupil experience and achievement.
Lyndsey is an experienced MAGT co-ordinator, using this experience to provide resources, support and training for teachers, as well as providing a wide variety of enrichment activities for MAGT children and others alike.  She is a committed and enthusiastic teacher who delivers engaging and challenging lessons and activities for children, to facilitate independent and deep learning. 
• Providing challenge and resources for MAGT children and their teachers.
• Promoting the use of higher order thinking skills for all children.

History - Tracy Pink

Tracy is an enthusiastic, reliable and approachable practitioner with many years of experience. She has taught in four different counties and a variety of different schools which have helped develop her understanding of the individual challenges a school may face. Although an SLE for History she has also had experience co-ordinating Geography, Music, PSHCE and ECM. She has also set up and run residential experiences to Stibbington and Wales, for years 3, 4, 5 and 6.  She is knowledgeable and organised with the ability to prioritise the work to be done and meet deadlines. Tracy has a clear understanding of how the SLE role can be used to support others and promote sharing of good practice. 
Tracy has worked with a variety of people; students, NQTs, RQTs, ITT students, experienced staff, staff from other schools and is often observed to provide opportunities for others to explore and consider teaching styles, techniques, determination and strategies to consider in their own practice. She demonstrates professionalism, high standards and determination. Her classroom and leadership role practice are outstanding as demonstrated through pupil progress and her impact on developing and supporting others. 
Tracy participates in the CEES local network meetings where collaborative work takes place to enable schools to support and learn from each other. She has supported staff who that have visited Hampton Hargate Primary school from other schools and is always willing to help others. Within our own school, Tracy has worked with staff to inform them of all History related changes to education. She has attended meetings and courses, feeding back to colleagues and ensuring that our school was in a strong, positive and well informed position. Tracy works with colleagues in school supporting staff with examples of positive behaviour strategies; ensuring good progress; supporting students and NQTs in a variety of areas.
Tracy has written and developed:
• Long term curriculum planning maps
• Policy documents 
• Schemes of work
• Wow days and curriculum enhance opportunities
• Been interviewed for an article entitled, ‘The Role of a History Co-ordinator’ 

Music - Rachel Moorhouse

Rachel is an experienced teacher of all primary ages, with recognised expertise and a passion for music education.  She has secure subject knowledge which she shares openly with colleagues to raise the profile of quality music experiences and music education for all children, having high expectations in her own current practice as a full time classroom music teacher.  Rachel promotes music as being a powerful experience that enhances the culture and ethos of the whole school and is central to a child’s development and engagement with their own learning journey.
Rachel delivers CPD and staff meetings and regularly works successfully with trainees, generalists and specialist teachers.  She is supportive, approachable and passionate in her view that music should be regarded as a statutory primary subject in its own right: she also recognises that music can work successfully in partnership with other subject areas to support topic-based learning.
When collaborating with schools Rachel demonstrates and offers advice about classroom music, ‘First Access’, assessment, repertoire, peripatetic support and planning with skills progression, which is tailored to each school: she can also suggest ways to initiate or improve music clubs, such as choirs.
Expert support in strengthening individual schools’ music delivery will impact on the whole curriculum as well as providing pupils with robust, aesthetic and performance experiences.

Literacy - Rebecca Marrs 

During her previous role as a Learning and Teaching Adviser for Literacy and in her current role as a Deputy Headteacher, Becky has supported KS1 and KS2 colleagues at various stages of their teaching careers to plan and teach engaging units of work which build upon pupils’ prior knowledge and incorporate a range of practical and relevant pedagogies. Becky is passionate about making learning meaningful and providing pupils with learning opportunities that capture their interests and imagination. 
As well as supporting colleagues with teaching and learning, Becky has worked with middle leaders from her own and other local schools to develop their roles through jointly conducting tasks such as: analysing data, creating action plans, conducting learning walks, monitoring learning through book scrutinies, lesson observations and pupil interviews. This support has enabled colleagues to both develop their understanding of their middle leadership roles and to lead and manage changes within their individual settings. 
Becky is a sensitive and reflective practitioner who is experienced in being able to respond flexibly to the needs of the individual and their school context, she finds having opportunities to work with other colleagues and schools extremely rewarding in terms of the difference it can make for the pupils, colleagues and her own professional development. 

Forest Schools/Outdoor Learning - Emma Porter 

Emma is a reliable, hardworking and conscientious member of staff. She has the SENCo role and has developed her skills and knowledge to become an outstanding leader over the 9 years she has held the role. She has an excellent knowledge and demonstrates expertise in this area, instilling knowledge and confidence in her colleagues. She listens actively to others and observes, analyses and reflects on her own practice. 
As an effective teacher and subject coordinator she is passionate about ensuring that children are engaged to inspire their own learning and reflect on their own practice to ensure this is happening. To enable this to happen a full understanding of the different learning styles within your class will enable all children to access the curriculum to their full potential. With some children this may mean being able to identifying the needs and put in place support required. Tasks and activities within the classroom need to be structured appropriately to match the needs of the pupils and reflecting on these tasks and activities to ensure they are having the required impact to enable all pupils to make progress and provide them with appropriate challenge.   
Above all else though her biggest motivation is the pupils and their successes. Anything that can lead to pupils making better progress and being happy is a good thing. Outstanding leadership leads to an outstanding team which leads to successful and happy pupils. 
Expert support in strengthening individual schools’ music delivery will impact on the whole curriculum as well as providing pupils with robust, aesthetic and performance experiences.
Areas of strength:
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Forest Schools/Outdoor learning
  • Eco themes 
  • Bike it Schools

Early years - Gemma Dexter

As an early year’s specialist, Gemma is an outstanding leader recognised in two Ofsted reports, by several LA advisors, headteacher’s across the county and Advanced Skills Teacher inspectors. Gemma strives to make improvements in planning, teaching and learning, developing a team ethos, improving the effectiveness of assessments including baseline, coaching others and developing capacity for improvement.
Gemma’s in depth knowledge of all aspects of the EYFS curriculum shines through in every school she works with. She strongly believes that the characteristics of effective learning should be at the heart of this exciting curriculum as they are crucial for igniting children’s curiosity and understanding of the world.
With an empathetic and supportive approach to managing teams Gemma has a positive impact on the people she works with, building their confidence, minimising their work load with more effective systems and sharing her enthusiasm and passion for outdoor learning and new initiatives like the Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Wellbeing (SSTEW) scale.  
Apart from EYFS Gemma is also passionate about phonics where she has taken a strategic lead to improve the quality and consistency of phonics teaching. Gemma loves to share excellent and innovative practice.
Having taught in EYFS for many years Gemma has a good understanding of leadership and management issues.

Teaching and Learning - Karina Hammond

Karina is a reflective and engaging practitioner, who is open to supporting and developing the educators of our children. She is passionate about children becoming successful, independent and happy learners through their time in education. Karina is experienced in mentoring student teachers and recently qualified teachers. 
This has enabled her to work alongside many teachers in the early stages of their career; to set goals and work on areas of development. She has been a subject leader of EAL for 4 years where she has made a positive impact to attainment and progress in advanced and newly arrived EAL learners. 
As a class teacher herself, she wishes to support and develop teachers by sharing her current knowledge and experience wherever she can. Careful and well planned structured sessions will be delivered with the teacher in order to successfully observe, analyse and reflect on their practice. This will ensure the practitioner develops and therefore impacting the children’s learning and progress. 
Karina is an approachable person who enjoys working with colleagues and educators; tackling issues and areas together to create an understanding of direction and facilitate growing independence.
  • ITT, NQT and RQT’s 
  • EAL


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